Assembler UI - Process Group

Edit Process Group

The user edits the Process Group like a text, respecting the XML syntax and the Assembler Specifications.
So, the user can:
  • Insert, Select, Delete characters and text block
  • Copy & Past any text block (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V use)
  • Especially Copy & Past the text block from Use Cases
The user can use the contextual menu to Execute Process, Add a Node, Add an Attribute or Update a Value
Syntax errors are displayed in the "Errors" list:

Execute Process | Contextual Menu

  • In the group editor, click-left on the process area. Then Click-right to open the contextual menu and select "Execute ...".
  • In the process excution text field, file the process id and click "Execute" button.
Logs are displayed during the execution: