Motion - Maya

 This use case shows how to apply motion on objets.

Spline Path Motion and Static Motion

  How to apply a Spline Path Motion on a camera composed with a Static Motion. The camera is over the jet. To tangent the path, the Spline Motion coord value is "pos-rot".
<Process id="mayaMotionPathComposed" type="3d" delegate="maya">
    <Input creationId="mayaBezier"/>
    <Object name="jet">
        <Motion coord="pos-rot" frames="1-100/11">
         <Path ref="bezier"/>
    <Camera name="persp">
         <Param name="shape.focalLength">15</Param>
         <Motion coord="pos-rot" frames="1-100/11">
                         <Path ref="bezier"/>
             <Motion coord="pos-rot" frames="1-100/11">
                 <Path ref="bezier"/>
                 <Param name="pos">0;2;-4</Param>
                 <Param name="rot">10;180;0</Param>
    <Path name="bezier" type="bezier" update="true">
        <Point name="0" in="-11.8;0;-6.0" out="-13.5;0;-3.2">-11.8;0;-6.0</Point>
        <Point name="1" in="-14.7;1.3;1.1" out="-7.9;1.3;7.9">-11.3;1.3;4.5</Point>
        <Point name="2" in="0.3;3.1;12.3" out="8.5;3.1;10.4">4.4;3.1;11.3</Point>
        <Point name="3" in="9.3;4.5;8.7" out="9.9;4.5;6.0">9.9;4.5;6.0</Point>