Creation Group

 A creation group is an XML file containing creation declarations:
<CreationGroup id="input" path="input">
     <Creation id="scene" filename="scene.max" />
     <Creation id="flower3" filename="">
             <Info name="height">1080</Info>
             <Info name="nb_frames">1085</Info>
             <Info name="size">253474000</Info>
             <Info name="time_base">1/25000</Info>
             <Info name="width">1920</Info>
     <Creation id="flower1Frameset" filename="flower1/flower1.jpeg">
             <Info name="begin">1</Info>
             <Info name="end">2246</Info>
             <Info name="frame">1-2246</Info>
             <Info name="height">1080</Info>
             <Info name="listDigit">4</Info>
             <Info name="update">1502187723509;08/08/2017 12:22:03</Info>
             <Info name="width">1920</Info>
Creation Group Setting
A creation group is defined by:
The group path is used to build the creation absolute filename path:
<workspace_path> / <group_path> / <creation_filename>
The creation group file must be create in a specific workspace folder. See details "Workspace"