Declared in a creation group, a creation is a reference to a single file or a files set. See details "Creation Group"
These files are stored in the workspace folders (see details "Workspace"). They can be image files, video files, sound files, software files, data files, etc.
 A creation contains informations about these files: height, width, frame rate, etc. These informations can be set manually or automatically.
Creations are read and written by process. See details "Process Use"
example I: a max scene creation
<Creation id="scene" filename="scene.max" />
example II: a single image creation
<Creation id="picture" filename="picture.jpg">
     <Info name="height">1080</Info>
     <Info name="width">1920</Info>
example III: a video image creation
<Creation id="flower3" filename="">
     <Info name="height">1080</Info>
     <Info name="width">1920</Info>
     <Info name="video.nb_frames">1085</Info>
     <Info name="video.size">253474000</Info>
     <Info name="video.time_base">1/25000</Info>
example IV: a frameset creation
<Creation id="motionMaroc1" filename="maroc/maroc1/motionMaroc1.jpg">
     <Info name="width">1920</Info>
     <Info name="height">1080</Info>
     <Info name="index.list">true</Info>
     <Info name="begin">1</Info>
     <Info name="end">50</Info>
     <Info name="frame">1-50</Info>
     <Info name="update">1501612652247;01/08/2017 08:37:32</Info>
indexed Creation
indexed creation is a creation which references to a files set. See details "Indexed Creation"
 A filename is composed by <path> / <shortname> . <extension>
Example: input/picture.jpg path=input, shortname=picture, extension=jpg
absolute filename
 An absolute filename is a filename with a complete path
Example: C:/Users/user/Documents/assembler/project/input/picture.jpg
Creation Attributes

 Attribute id  | String  |  mandatory

  ceation identifier.

 Attribute filename  | String  |  mandatory

  creation filename.

 Attribute path  | String  |  mandatory  |  index info

  creation path type.
The absolute filename depends on the path type:
By default, path = "group".
Creation Infos

 Info index.size  | Boolean  |  image, video, frameset

  flag used to activate the size index. See "Indexed Creation"
<Creation id="texture" filename="map.jpg">
     <Info name="index.size">true</Info>
     <Info name="width">1920;960;480</Info>
     <Info name="height">1080;540;270</Info>

 Info height  | Integer List  |  image, video, frameset

  creation height.
If index.size info is true, height info can set several values. See example. See "Indexed Creation"

 Info index.list  | Boolean  |  frameset, other

  flag used to activate the list index. See "Indexed Creation"

 Info begin  | Integer  |  frameset, other

  The list index begin value. Only used if index.list info is true. See "Indexed Creation"
In frameset case, this is the first frame value

 Info end  | Integer  |  frameset, other

  The list index end value. Only used if index.list info is true. See "Indexed Creation"
In frameset case, this is the last frame value

 Info frames  | Frames List  |  video, frameset

  frames list.
<Creation id="compositingPart1" filename="render/compositing_part1.png">
     <Info name="index.list">true</Info>
     <Info name="frames">1-1749;1750-2749;2750-3449;3450-4049;4050-6300</Info>
     <Info name="begin">1</Info>
     <Info name="end">6300</Info>
     <Info name="update">1510917771385;17/11/2017 12:22:51</Info>

 Info index.layer  | Boolean  |  image, video, framset

  flag used to activate the layer index. See "Indexed Creation"

 Info layer  | String List  |  image, video, framset

  Layer name list. Only used if index.layer info is true. See "Indexed Creation"
Example: diffuse;specular;zbuffer

 Info update  | Datetime  |  all

  last update.

 Info video.<property>  | any  |  video

  video property: nb_frames, time_base, etc. See example III
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