Creation - Process Use

 A process usualy uses creations:
  • A read creation is an input process creation
  • A written creation is an output process creation
 If the creation is declared in a creation group, the process can directly use this existing creation (see Use Existing Creation).
If not, a process can declare and use a new creation (see Declare and Use Creation).
 In a process, a creation use can be implemented by:
  • A creationId attribute
  • A creationId param
  • A file param
Use Existing Creation
 An existing creation is a creation declared in a creation group. A process can directly use this existing creation.
example I: creationId attribute in an input node (input creation)
<Input creationId="scene1" />
example II: creationId param in a render node (output creation)
<Render nodeName="write">
     <Param name="creationId">output1</Param>
     <Param name="frames">1-250</Param>
example III: diffuse map file param in a 3d object node (input creation)
<Object name="sphere">
     <Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(picture)</Param>
example IV: creationId attribute in a montage layer node (input creation)
<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1" frame="1-50"/>

 Attribute creationId

The creation identifier can be defined with its creation group: <group_id>.<creation_id>. Use case: several creations are defined with the same id, but in different groups.
<Output creationId="group1.scene1" />
 For an indexed creation, the value is: <creation identifier> / <list-index> / <layer-index> / <size-index>
<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1/5" />

<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1/960x540" />

<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1/diffuse" />

<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1/5/diffuse" />

<Layer type="image" creationId="maroc1/5/diffuse/960x540" />

 Param creationId

  same as attribue.
<Param name="creationId">maroc1/5</Param>

<Param name="creationId">maroc1/960x540</Param>

<Param name="creationId">maroc1/diffuse</Param>

<Param name="creationId">maroc1/5/diffuse</Param>

<Param name="creationId">maroc1/5/diffuse/960x540</Param>

 File Param

  a file param is a param which requires a file as value. So, to get the creation absolute filename, a function is required: file(<creation identifier>). See example III
The creation identifier can also be defined with its creation group: <group_id>.<creation_id>.
For an indexed creation, the value is: file(<creation identifier> / <list-index> / <layer-index> / <size-index>)
<Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(maroc1/5)</Param>

<Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(maroc1/960x540)</Param>

<Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(maroc1/diffuse)</Param>

<Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(maroc1/5/diffuse)</Param>

<Param name="material.diffuseMap">file(maroc1/5/diffuse/960x540)</Param>
Declare and Use Creation
 If a creation is not declared in a creation group, a process can declare and use it by a declare function.
<Output creationId="declare(scene.max, scene1, group1)" />

<Render nodeName="write">
     <Param name="creationId">declare(output1.jpg, output1, group1, list)</Param>
     <Param name="frames">1-250</Param>
 The function's arguments are:
During the process execution, the new creation is added in the creation group.