Assembler in your VFX projects

who ?
Studios, Game Editors, Motion Designers, everyone who produces films, advertisements, games, clips, or any visual products using VFX. Assembler is designed as an integration tool, useful in all kinds of VFX project teams.
With Assembler, modeling artist, animation artist, lighting artist, compositing artist, etc. will see their repetitive tasks strongly reduced.
3 roles are identified: Creator (creates the Assembler project), Modifier (updates the process and creations along the VFX stages) and Consumer (executes the process for a rendering)
why ?
Get productivity gain in the use of softwares like 3ds Max, Maya & Nuke. Drastically improve Pipeline Integration (progessive integration, scene configuration, data sharing, process template), Modeling (crowd, object network) & Animation (parametrized animation).
Along the project progress, model version, rendering resolution, lighting and animation version, etc. are the evolutive elements a rendering has to take into account. So Assembler rationalizes and strongly simplifies these rendering iterations.
how ?
Based on the rendering process, with Assembler UI, the user writes the process like a screenplay. Online documentation & use cases help him to be quickly efficient.
With Assember, early created at the beginning of the project, the complete pipeline disposes automatic renderings available and elements identified.
Totally flexible, Assembler is designed to execute your owned scripts (MEL, Maxscript & Python) or to be executed by your owned scripts & tools.
Easy to install, Assembler UI is an autonomous application, interacting with 3ds Max, Maya & Nuke, running on Windows, Mac & Unix.
Frederic LE COQ

Project manager

15 years of experience in IT for large accounts: telecom, multimedia, e-commerce, etc.
Photograph, film producer, screenwriter and especially passionate about the 3d design.
Freelancer from many years, Frederic knows what product delivering is and client relationship signify.

Try Assembler or explain the problem you are facing. We will try to found the best solution. I strongly believe in collaborative work.